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TranquilDrip Rain Humidifier

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TranquilDrip Rain Humidifier


INDULGE IN TRANQUILITY: Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of a gentle rainstorm with Gloomie's Jellyfish Rain Cloud Humidifier. Elevate your relaxation and embrace peaceful sleep with the soothing and realistic raindrop sounds. Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, or any living space, Gloomie brings tranquility to your fingertips.

PERSONALIZED RAIN EXPERIENCE: Tailor your rain experience with Gloomie's three distinct intensity settings. Whether you crave a soft drizzle or the immersive ambiance of a heavy downpour, find the perfect setting to match your mood and create the ultimate oasis.

DREAMY 7-COLOUR NIGHT LIGHT: Set the perfect mood with Gloomie's enchanting 7-colour night light feature. Match your decor with a single color or let it seamlessly cycle through the spectrum, turning your space into a captivating visual retreat.

AROMATHERAPY REIMAGINED: Gloomie isn't just a rain cloud—it's also your personal essential oil diffuser. Immerse your surroundings in delightful scents, transforming your space into a haven of calm and rejuvenation.

COOL HUMIDIFYING BLISS: Combat dry air and enhance your well-being with the cool, refreshing mist that gracefully emanates from Gloomie's cloud top. The easily replaceable atomizer ensures a continuous flow of revitalizing moisture, leaving you breathing easy and feeling refreshed.

EFFORTLESS CONVENIENCE: Experience worry-free relaxation with Gloomie's 5-hour timer mode, anti-spill design, and low power consumption. Simply set it and forget it, knowing that your tranquil haven is in good hands. The included Type C to USB power cable ensures easy and versatile power options.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Demarco Hermiston

Completely recommended, aesthetically very beautiful and its perfect function :)

Roberto Marquardt

Great product, everything came whole, thank you!

Jayne Kozey

Looks very good

Autumn Kshlerin

I bought it because it's not playing the rain, but because it can actually be heard in the room. The most important requirement for the device is to be easy to wash, but the structure is complicated and the transparent film is not missing. Chuck is very uncomfortable. It seems that you need to manage well when you water. What works well anyway. It would be nice to water. Delivery is later than expected.

Marilie Ruecker

My best buy, it's not just the sound of rain, but very similar. Humidifies the air well, you can add aroma oil and use it as a night light🫶🏻


All TranquilDrip™ products are backed with a 1 year warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping! We also offer a lifetime warranty for $5!

TranquilDrip orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the united states in an average 5-10 days.

The humidifier adds moisture to the air, preventing dryness and reducing airborne particles, promoting a healthier breathing environment.

Yes, it features a user-friendly design for easy disassembly and cleaning. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and hygiene.

Yes, the device includes a designated compartment for essential oils, allowing you to enjoy a personalized, aromatic experience while humidifying your space.

It is suitable for rooms up to 300 square feet, making it versatile for use in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other medium-sized spaces.


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Perfect for indoor plants! Rain Humidifier keeps them thriving with optimal humidity. Its seamless design blends with decor, making it a true lifesaver for plant enthusiasts.

I'm thoroughly impressed by the efficiency of the TranquillDrip Rain Humidifier. It's easy to clean, runs silently, and the essential oil feature adds a delightful aroma. Perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere at home.

The TranquillDrip Rain Humidifier has noticeably improved my sleep quality. Breathing in moist air at night has enhanced my comfort and overall well-being. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized

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